About SLS (28%)

SLS 28%

Product Info:
Product Name : Sodium Lauryl Sulphate 28%

Abbreviation : SLS 28%
Chemical Name : Sodium Lauryl Sulphate 28% (Based on C12-14 lauryl alcohol) Chemical Formula : CnH2n+1OSO3Na
CAS No. : 151-21-3

Surfactant Type : Anionic

Physical Appearance : Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Active Matter : Min 28%
pH (5% aq.soln. wt/wt) : 7.5 – 9.5
Unsulphated Matter : Max 1.5 %
Sodium Sulphate : Max 1.5 %
Sodium Chloride : Max 0.5 %

Packaging Info:
Packaging : 170 Kgs/225 Kgs/1000 Kgs in HDPE wide mouth drums/IBC

Quantity/20’FCL : Palletized: 18 MT (225 Kgs) & 18.36 MT (170 Kgs)
IMDG Class : Not regulated as a hazardous material
IMO UN No. : Not regulated as a hazardous material
Packing Group : Not regulated as a hazardous material
Storage : Keep containers tightly closed & store in cool & dry place
Shelf Life : 3 Years

Other Info:
Applications : Widely used in toothpaste industry &it’s a good foamers, good wetter, tolerate some hardness, biodegradable, good emulsifiers & good at removing sebum and low irritation to skin and eye. Its incorporated in cosmetics & oral care industry.


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